Knowledge Management & Cooperation

The rice production is carried out on the basis of an agreement between the farmer cooperative and off-taker (e.g. a rice mill). Specifications regarding the quality, quantity and price are part of the agreement of the agreement. It leads to more security for both parties.

Farmers Business School (FBS)

Conveys the principles of farming as a business, which includes financial management and benefits of producer organizations.

Cooperative Business School (CBS)

Focuses on the training of Farmer Business Organizations (FBOs) and agricultural smallholdings. This contains developing business models and management skills of the FBO leaders.

Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) based on SRP

Holistic rice production training which covers all stages of the cropping cycle from land preparation to post-harvest handling.

Parboiling training

Imparts knowledge to improve the quality of parboiled rice through improved parboiling technology. Principles of parboiling as a business are also addressed.

Diversification training

GAP training for crops other than rice. The aim is to diversify the farmers' incomes and to improve the family diet.

Nutrition training

Fosters the understanding of nutrition needs. The training aims to improve health of all family members.

Access to finance

Focuses on training processors and farmers about the requirements of financial services providers to access a loan.