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Many governments have realized the importance of the rice sector to safeguard food security and to foster rural economic growth and value addition within the country. Several governments are promoting import substitution for rice and marked it for rapid expansion and modernization in their National Rice Development Strategies (NRDS) for food security, self-sufficiency and rural development.

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ECOWAS Cooperation


The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has been partnering with CARI since the beginning. In the second phase, the role of the ECOWAS Commission has been formalized as CARI’s political partner for West Africa. The collaboration focuses on:

  • Technical support to ECOWAS, in particular by supporting the Regional Rice Offensive, which promotes self-sufficiency in rice production by 2025
  • Joint organization and participation of events and workshops
  • Development of communication tools such as factsheets & banners for ECOWAS