Rice Miller Business Academy

Developing Profitable Farmer Services Training

Official opening with a keynote address from the Programme Lead of GIZ MOVE source: GIZ/MOVE

On March 20–21, 2024, a two-day training session titled "Developing Profitable Farmer Services" was convened by the MOVE project and SENSE Economic Consult, bringing together key stakeholders in Ghana's rice value chain, including millers, farmer cooperatives, and extension services. The objective was to bolster the country's rice industry by equipping participants with knowledge on sourcing techniques, contract farming models, input accessibility and mechanization.


Group discussions from training sessions Source of Photo: GIZ MOVE

To further bolster Ghana's rice sector, the government could consider implementing measures such as quotas on imported rice and providing subsidies on  agricultural inputs for rice farmers. Additionally, non-governmental organizations, including donor and media entities, could contribute by endorsing the EAT GHANA RICE Campaign, aimed at promoting awareness and appreciation of various Ghanaian rice brands within the country.

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